In our office, we offer a complete series of esthetic treatments both for the dentition and the face. A beautiful smile means a lot. Moreover, utilizing contemporary techniques and materials we can frame it with a fresh looking, wrinkle free face.

A Dentist possesses excellent knowledge of the perioral area and the face in general. Therefore, he is competent in providing esthetic facial rejuvenation services.


Smoking, food dyes, trauma, certain medications are just a few of the factors causing discoloration of our teeth.

With bleaching we can easily and safely achieve a brighter smile and improve our appearance.Bleaching can be performed either in office or at home or by combining both.

In office, a special bleaching substance is placed on the teeth, penetrates enamel and dentin and dissolves accumulated dyes. The process is completed in a single 1,5 hour session and offers immediate results.

At home whitening is performed with special clear trays in which the patient places a bleaching gel and wears usually during the nighttime. The bleaching trays are custom made for each patient based on impressions previously taken at the office. Usually, the trays need to be worn for a period of 1-2 weeks.

Both methods are effective. However, combining both, that is in office whitening plus a few days of at home whitening with bleaching trays, ensures a great result even in the most demanding cases.


Porcelain venners is a 
highly esthetic prosthetic solution that is becoming very popular among people who desire a beautiful, bright smile

A veneer is a very thin porcelain prosthesis (like a contact lens) that is bonded bonded onto the frontal surface of the tooth after a small (0.5mm) of enamel is removed in order to create the prosthetic space necessary.

Veneers can restore the esthetics of the smile for the following situations:


Bonding can be employed 
to address the same esthetic problems like porcelain veneers. Using composite resin a ‘’lifting’’ is performed for the teeth in order for the appropriate shape, size and shade to be achieved. Bonding is a cost effective, direct esthetic solution.


Botox – Hyalouronic Acid


Botox is a very popular, non invasive anti-aging method with excellent results. It can be applied on all areas of the face to eliminatr different kinds of wrinkles that form as we grow older.

Botox, opposite to what some may believe, does not create a frozen type of facial expression but rather just temporarily lowers local mascular activity. It thus allows normal facial expression without the formation of wrinkles

Its application is very simple and the results are visible within a few days. It is not a permanent treatment since it lasts for about 6 months and can be repeated 2-3 times per year.

Hyalouoric Acid

Hyalouronic acid is a natural ingredient of the skin whose quantity is reduced as we grow older. Its basic property is to hold water helping in keeping the skin moisturized.

With the use of hyalouronic acic we can achieve the elimination of wrinkles and folds located at the perioral area. We can also emphasize the outline of the lips or add volume to them.

The process is very simple, takes only a few minutes and is performed under local anaesthesia. The results last upto a year and the treatment can be repeated without any problem.