Composite resin restorations (white fillings)

Fillings are a very common dental treatment. They are performed to replace parts of the dental tissues destroyed by decay. Contemporary fillings are made of tooth colored composite resin that offer exceptionally esthetic results. 

Composite resin is a malleable material bonded to a cavity that can be shaped accordingly by the dentist to replace the missing tooth form. Finally the composite resing is polymerized by a special light to harden and is finished and polished. 

If you have old black colored amalgam fillings that create an unesthetic image, you can replace them with composite resin. The shade will match the natural tooth and  noone will be able to tell you have a filled tooth.

Advantages of composite resin restorations:

Dental Healing

Dental cleaning is the biggest weapon we have against inflammation of the gums (gingivitis). With regular cleanings every six months and proper home care we can preserve the heath of the teeth and the perodontal tissues (gums and bone). Moreover, we can prevent a gingivitis evolving into a periodontitis. 

During a regular cleaning plaque and calculus are removed from the surface of the teeth and around the gumline. This is done using ultrasonic devices and hand instruments. Finally, the tooth surface is polished to remove any staining and remaining biofilm. For this we use the method of air particle abrasion. Using a special device a spray of air, water and soda particles is directed with pressure on the surface of the teeth.