Extraoral Imaging Unit

Contemporary dental technology X-ray unit capable of cone beam computer tomography (3D-x-ray), Panoramic and Cephalometric imaging.

Nobel Biocare dental implants

The largest and oldest manufacturer of dental implants with a complete range of surgical and prosthetic components

Trios wireless intraoral scanner

Cutting edge technology with the greatest precision and accuracy on the market based on academic research. The possibility of taking a digital impression exempts the patient of the unpleasant experience (vomit reflex etc) of taking a conventional impression with silicone or alginate.

Dental operating microscope & magnification loupes

All procedures in our office are performed under high magnification and strong coaxial lighting. This way we can guarantee the best possible result and true attention to detail.

Intraoral imaging

Digital intraoral X-rays using intraoral sensors and phosphor plates. High diagnostic quality with the lowest radiation dose possible.

Piezotome and surgical motors

For hard tissue surgical interventions and placing dental implants with the most atraumatic methods and uncomplicated healing.

Laser and Diathermy

Dental diode laser and diathermy for soft tissue surgery with precision, efficiency and almost complete absence of bleeding

Contemporary endodontic equipment

Electronic apex location, preparation of the canals with rotary instrumentation and three dimensional obturation of the root canals with warm gutta-percha, for painless endodontic treatment in a single session using modern protocols.


Air-abration unit for efficient and painless stain removal as well as contactless tooth decay removal (no drill).

Autologous growth factors

By drawing a small amount of blood we can extract plasma derivatives and growth factors for purposes of bone regeneration or aesthetic procedures.