Wisdom teeth removal

Cyst Removal

Cavities called cysts are often formed in the jaw bones. Cysts usually have a surrounding lining and are filled with cystic fluid. They are mostly caused by infected teeth that need to have a root canal therapy. 

A root canal therapy is often enough to treat a small cyst. However, if the cyst has grown a lot in size or is formed due to other causes like for example an impacted tooth, then it has to be surgically removed. 

Large cysts cause defects of the jaw bones, infections, abscesses and pain to patients. The surgical procedure to remove them is most often carried out under local anesthesia and is followed by pharmaceutical treatment.


It is necessary in case of infection around the apex of the tooth root due to a failing root canal treatment. If this is not done the tooth will most probably be lost.

An apicoectomy is an endodontic microsurgical procedure. It involves the removal of the root tip, the infected tissues around it and the cyst that is commonly present.

After the root end is resected the root canal is disinfected and obturated with a biocompatible material in order to prevent the infection from happening again. The osseous defect caused by the infection can be restored using suitable regenerative materials.